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Our company was formed in October 2010, and was initially set up just to allow people to invest in gold and silver by supplying investment grade bars and coins. Shortly after this we expanded our business to include buying all kinds of silver and gold - not just bars and coins. This has now become a major part of our business.

When we started buying jewellery, we set what we thought were fair rates - and soon realised we were paying MUCH higher than all other local coin dealers and pawn shops ! This gained us a great reputation for having the best prices in the region. It has meant we have attracted a lot of business, and also receive many recommendations by word-of-mouth from satisfied customers.

Other dealers slowly increased their rates to compete, but we still pay some of the highest rates in the region for gold jewellery and silverware.

We are full time gold and silver dealers - we do not deal in paper money, collectors cards, toys, electronics or guitars !

Our professionalism in this area is what allows us to pay the best rates as we always manage the risk of gold price movements through electronic brokerages, which are only viable for full time dealers.

So if you're looking for a place to sell your gold, then come and see us for a free quotation, and experience our professionalism, honesty and clarity for yourself. You'll be glad you did !

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David M. Ford

President & Founder

The Atlantic Gold & Silver Centre.