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The process for testing precious metals involves several steps. Please watch the video below which shows how we sort, test and quote for your jewellery.




Initially we will attempt to sort your items by purity of gold or silver.

  • We use a rare-earth magnet to identify ferrous items such as costume jewellery
  • We use a jewellers loupe to look for identifying marks.
  • We examing the colour of the metal, especially around any wear points.
  • We sort the items into categories, ready for a quotation.
    • Not gold / not silver
    • Unmarked - probably gold
    • Unmarked - probably silver
    • 10K gold
    • 14K gold
    • 18K gold
    • ...other purities.
    • Sterling silver

Examining gold jewellery with loupe


Once the items are sorted, we can quote you a price.

  • Weigh each group of sorted items.
  • Take off an allowance for stones which need to be removed.
  • Look up the current rate for each purity of gold/silver.
  • Multiply the weight of each purity by the $ rate for each purity.
  • Present you a total $ offer for your items, and a breakdown by purity/item.

Weighing and pricing gold jewellery


If you like the price, we will proceed to test the items to validate the purity.

  • Electronically test each item.
  • Ensure the purity reading matches that of any markings.
  • Larger items will need to be filed to re-test beneath the surface (this is to ensure an item is not just gold/silver plated).
  • Larger or high karat items (18K - 22K) may also be filed and tested using traditional acid tests.
  • Any larger stones or other material will be removed at this point. (With your permission)
  • Any unmarked items will be categorized into the correct purity, and any discrepancies will be noted/adjusted.

Testing gold with electronic tester


We can now finalize your transaction and pay you for the items.

  • Finalize weight of each group of items by purity.
  • Photograph items with valid ID
  • Record the transaction applying the current market price for gold/silver.
  • Give you your cash.
  • We always offer you a full printed official receipt so you can have a record of your transaction.

Paying out cash